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Hmm $£XY... [Nov. 17th, 2008|03:16 am]
[Current Location |HoME/BiRmZzz]
[mood |naughtynaughty]
[music |Ciara - Explode]

Tonight im gon do sumthin different
to have ur undived attention is my mission...listen
we gon get it poppin like we spose to do
on productions jumpin off I put it on for you
welcome to my show don’t have to pay coz u
got tha hottest ticket on the seat I reserved for you
I only do it coz I love ya,
always been here for me so I do anything for ya
im gonna love you to no limit
you so sexy come over and hit that babi u can get it...
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$%&?>1£)* [Nov. 15th, 2008|10:19 pm]
[Current Location |HoMe...]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Ashanti - in these streets]

Jeeze! Well it's definitely been some years since I last visited! I had no idea that my LJ Account still existed! lol...
I have so much to say but...It can wait!!! ;-) plus i don't even know why i'm on here, i guess boredom makes you do random things!

MWAH TO ALL XXX-----> I’m OuT!...Oh yeah props to OBAMA, 1ST black American president!
Never thought I’d see tha day!!! xxx
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untitled.... [Nov. 4th, 2006|02:35 am]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Omarion - Icebox]

Omarion - Icebox....

Fussin and fightin we back at it again (gin)
I know that it's my fault, you don't understand (no)
I got memories (huh), this is crazy (huh)
You ain't nothin like, the girl I used to know
Good wit mom, good wit pop, cool wit all my peeps (my peeps)
I should try to decide, wanting to let you in but (no)
Damn these memories (huh), and it's crazy (huh)
You ain't nothin like, the girl I used to know

Girl I really wanna work this out cuz I'm tired of fighting
And I really hope you still want me the way I want you
I said I really wanna work this out damn girl I'm trying
It's no excuse, no excuse

I got this icebox where my heart used to be
I got this icebox where my heart used to be
No, I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold
No, I'm so cold, I'm so cold, I'm so cold (2x)

Why can't I, get it right, just can't let it go (go)
I opened up, she let me down, I won't feel that no mo'(no)
I got memories (uh), this is crazy (huh)
Shay ain't nothin like, the girl I used to know
Don't mean to take it out on you baby but I can't help it
Cuz my heart is in the same ol condition that baby left it
And I, I apologize, for makin' you cry
Look me in my eyes, and promise you won't do me the same.....
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untitled....$%79!"%$(*9 [Oct. 3rd, 2006|03:12 am]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Mya - One Night]

is she a keeper?...i dunno, i have let a few gyals i like slip through my fingers but when i split with jk for good, i needed time to breathe and i just wanted to stay single for a while before even considerin to jump in another relationship, but ive been single for some time now, and im not sayin im lookin for a relationship, but if the right gyal came along i'd consider gettin serious with her or even if a decent man came along...And now ive met a gyal that i kinda like, im not sure if i know her enough to say that im feelin her but the more we talk the more i feel i could be with her...and the best thing is knowin that she feels the same, it makes things so much easier and clearer. I don't normally wear my heart on my sleeve unless i really like someone, but everytime we speak i just feel the need to tell her how much i like her...it's early days so we're just in the process of gettin to know each other so im just takin things slow, but i can see that she's gettin a lil impatient and wants to move things a lil fast...but im cool with how things are going at the moment...i don't know what will become of us but i can see somethin in us...but if nothin becomes of us i would have gained a friend, so im happy with wateva happens....
OMG!! My sleepin pattern is sooo messed up! lol i have been up at these times for the past week and im startin to feel soo lethargic in the daytime...i need sleep. SLEEP TIGHT TO ALL xxxx
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B DAY...and Cassie Biatch!!! lol [Sep. 12th, 2006|11:21 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |Justin Timberlake ft T.I - My Love]

some lyrics from the B DAY album...Kitty Kat

You know I hate sleeping alone
But you said that you would soon be home
But baby that was a long time ago

Im not feelin it

On top of you not calling me back
You see I bet you think its all on track
And you actin like its all a dat

Im not feelin it

Lets go, lets go Little Kitty Kat
I think its time to go lets go Little Kitty Kat
She dont want no mo
Lets go Little Kitty Kat
Quite frankly No mo getting it

Im not feeling it

Its like we at 2 places but different paces
We in trouble but you wont meet me at the bridge
It hurts and feels disearning
Did you forget where joy lives

Im not feelin it

Let me show you how to get there
Take a left to compassion (lights will be flshin)
Keep straight and youll see the sign right there
Affection (Youre in the wrong direction)
If I get caught see it just seems that you dont care

What about my body, body?
You dont want my body, body
Acting like Im not nobody
You gon make me call somebody
What about my body, body?
What about my body, body?
You would rather go and party
Somehow, somewhere Ill be naughty

You know I hate sleeping alone
But you said that you would soon be home
But baby that was a long time ago

Im not feelin it

On top of you not calling me back
You see I bet you think its all on track
And you actin like its alla dat (youre sex aint all that)

Im not feelin it

Lets go, lets go Little Kitty Kat
I think its time to go lets go Little Kitty Kat
She dont want no mo lets go Little Kitty Kat
Quite frankly No mo getting it
Im not feeling it

Im taking back the things I got from you (you)
And that includes my sweet little nooky too (too)

Lets go
Lets go, lets go little Kitty Kat
(Kitty Kat) She dont want you anymore

OMG!!! what an album!!...i can't relate to these lyrics at the moment but there have been times when i could, i just love the song its one of my favs off the album! by the way i altered the lyrics a lil, coz B is no bi-sexual lol, Beyonce is sooooooo HOT!...Her music that is, I didn't think that her new album would be better than her debut but this one is just as good, if not better! it's sooo sexy.

Cassie's album is Hot too, Her voice aint got shit on beyonce's but her album is just as good, lovin the sexy beats!!

Some lyrics from the Cassie album...Long way to go

You claim that you're so hot and you say you got skills in the bedroom
You try to flirt when you're so not
Had a chance you still never come through
You say you wanna come see me
Cuz you know your girlfriend wanna be me (uh)
I'ma tell you why you can't
Said you got a long way 2 go
Say you wanna love me?

Wanna love me?
Wanna touch me?
Think twice cuz you got a long way 2 go
Don't know how to act
You betta fall back
It's like that cuz you got a long way 2 go
It's not that deep
Take it easy
You wanna please me?
Got a long way 2 go
I'ma bad girl
You wanna get close?
Ease up cuz you got a long way-
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untitled ~##*£%$<^&? [Aug. 25th, 2006|10:31 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Bobby Valentino - Turn the page]

OMG!, i havn't updated for a long time, i wrote an entry a few days ago but wasn't comfortable with it, it was pointless crap that i was so done with that i had wrote and i felt the need to delete it and i did...but im sure it got read hmmm lol,...yeah so its been a year that ive lived in london and its been ok, i hated it at first but settled and started to love it...a bit too much actually! I just love the fact that there always seems to be something going on, However it can be distracting at times and my grades prove that, i mean i passed my course and managed to get in to uni but i know i could have done better, The last four months of college was a joke to me, i hardly went in and i did no course work, things were gettin so bad that my tutor gave me a warning and told me that there was no point of me being on the course! She obviously thought that i was gonna be a dropout but noooooo the bitch got it wrong! i just love proving people wrong lol. It's was only in the last month of college that i really decieded to make an effort and catch up with course work, i finished like three assingnments in a week, i didn't know that i was capable of not sleeping for a week lol, it was hard and i really was at breaking point because i thought that everything i was doing was gonna be in vain, And i wasn't prepared to look my mum in the eye and tell her that i had failed so i gave mysef a kick up the ass and i passed...that rhymes! lol.

I'll be movin back to birmingham next week to go uni i'll be living on campus so its all good! i'll have more independence im looking forward to it, Hardly any of my family up there know that im moving back apart from a few of my cousins and one of my aunts, but i like it that way, before i allowed myself to get too wrapped up in my family up there i was vulnerable and and some of them took the piss, I can't allow myself to make the same mistake twice, im more wise and aware, there is only one aunt up there that has good intentions and she will always have my intrest at heart and some of my cousins too, As for the rest, FUCK THEM!! i couldn't give two shits about them or what they think, I know it sounds bitter but its how i feel. Im really looking to turn over a new page i havn't had my priorities straight since i moved to london but i'ma change that, i wanna take more resposibility for myself i want a part time job even though i don't need one but i wanna show my mother that i can be a lil more responsible i rely on her too much, i wanna sort out my driving ive been putting it on hold for way to long it's not about public transport anymore i hate it! and my mum has offered to buy me car so i have no exscuses. most of all i wanna keep focused and put a hundred percent in to uni, i can't keep on playin devil's advocate with my future i need to get serious and nows the time, i now know what direction i wanna go in with my photography so the future seems alot more clearer to me. Being here (Holland) has been good for me ive had alot of time to reflect and think about things.
anyways enough about me...

On another note what is it about cyber sex? there are alot of chix that be messagin me on faceparty askin me for cyber sex lol i find it hilarious, it does nothin for me its shit and i prefer the real thing S.E.X or makin love, its not only better but its REAL!! are people becoming so lazy that they can't be bothered to get off thier asses and get some? lol...there's no hope online lol. if its not the cyber hoes that i get messagin me its the fat butch short haired chix that i get messagin me, its like 'hello do i look like i could ever be your bitch?' im bi-sexual so if i want a man i'll go out and find one, why should i cut myself short by going with a woman that acts, sounds and looks like a man? it doesn't make sense to me! i probaly sound shallow but im only bein truthful i don't mean to sound bad, i don't mind tomboys though because i find them cute but butch doesn't tiggle my fancy its not my flavour. The funny thing is i reply to most of them like an idiot because i feel bad for ignorin them lol,. Everybody is on a hype about msn even my mum is on it and my gran from america lol, ages ago like years ago i had msn but too many freaks had my add and i hardly went on it so i just lefted it and stuck to my yahoo, Now im back on it because yahoo is shit and most of my cousins, friends and family are on there, ive had my account for like two weeks it's fresh and already ive blocked like two people, its all good though i know where they got my add from, so the problem has been resolved!
ok its time to put an end to this entry it's three'o clock in the morning here sleep is needed so GOOD NIGHT im out pretty peeps PEACE!
by the way Li if you read this, sorry that i havn't got back to your text, I always blank you when im here but its not on purpose though lol, i'll speak to you on monday, Luv ya long time!! We're like Batman & Robin, Salt & Pepper, Ying & Yang, Richard & Judy...nah maybe not them two lol...W3nch13 can't remember when your birthday is so im wishing you a BIG HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY from now...i'll try and make it out next sat... D...you are just too cute for your own good! hmm random! lol xxxxx
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Blah Blah *%^$%&$* [Dec. 24th, 2005|04:48 am]
[mood |deviousdevious]
[music |Juelz Santana - Clockwork]

Damn its been a while....i would just like to say RIP Nana Moon, big up to the Eastenders crew lol. ANYWAYS moving on im in Holland and i'll be here for xmas and new years. i have got the worst cold ever so im not feein very merry at the moment im more like scrooge! and to make it worst i have to go xmas today and its gonna be stressful but hey, i only have myself to blame i always leave shit to the last minute. anyways this is just a short entry also random but its a random moment!lol. Lisa just to let you know that im not blanking you sorry that i didn't reply to your texts, i'll speak to you soon....luv ya gurl x
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Random! [Nov. 7th, 2005|12:10 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Lil Kim - Lighters Up]

Ive turned into a music freak this weekend, the only program that ive watched is the X factor and even then i was listening to music lol...Nah but this song has been stuck in my head all weekend, hmm i wonder why? lol

Aaliyah - It's Whatever

we go together, you're so sweet on me (oh so sweet)
I can say that I do believe
this is destiny, it keeps calling me

now it's me and you (hum)
you and me
and it's whatever, whatever you want it to be
I'm telling you (I'm telling you)
if it's up to me (yeah)
whatever is whatever
it's whatever with you and me (whatever is whatever)
(you and me)
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blah blah ZZzz [Nov. 5th, 2005|05:17 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Floetry feat Common - Superstar]

Im tired but I can’t sleep, ive just finished watching ‘Brown Sugar’ so now im feeling all sentimental and shit, im generally a sentimental person anyway. But im feeling kinda down too... I was out with some friends earlier and I felt fine, I don’t know what’s up with me I havnt felt like this for a while...deep down I know what’s up but im not willing to admit it to myself because im stubborn like that. The last time I felt like this was two years ago and I know exactly what the feeling is, its just such bad timing though, I haven’t got the time or patience to be feeling like this. Oh well im pretty strong minded so I can handle it…...im listening to the new Floetry album there is only one word to describe it, beautiful! Superstar is my favourite track on there at the moment, everything about that track is perfect the lyrics are so nice and poetic.
Anyways I fink that im gonna try and sleep now hopefully I’ll wake up in a normal mood tomorrow...wel more like today! Lol. PEACE! –x-
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(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 2005|02:01 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |kano - Nite Nite]

ok this is gonna be quick because i gotta bounce soon, because a certain person that im with right now...dont get it twisted im not with her in that way lol does not like me writing shit on here because SHE thinks that im writing about her lol. anyways its been a while but im cool overall, i started college yestaday and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be so yeah its all good. i know that this year is gonna fly so while im here im just gonna enjoy my time here and not get stressed about certain situations. of course i miss birmingham especially my crazy girl Lisa but ive come to relise that we will always be friends and i can always visit and if all goes well we will be reunited again when i move back to birmingham next year to go uni. Lisa if you ever need someone to talk to im always a phone call away...luv ya girl. ok im out pretty peeps SHES COMING lol xxx
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